M. Asher Lawson

PhD candidate, Duke University, Management & Organizations department.

Piet Mondrian - Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow (1930) ~ Public Domain


I am a PhD candidate at Duke University in the Fuqua School of Business. Before Duke, I studied Economics and Management at Oxford.

Starting July 2022, I will be an Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD.

My research focuses on cognitive and gender biases in organisations and society. Using computational and experimental methods, I look at the structural and cognitive antecedents of biases and their relationship with real-world outcomes.

This research addresses questions such as:

  • Why do decision biases arise? Are there domain-general strategies to mitigate them?

  • How does hiring women change stereotypes? How do these stereotypes shape women's experiences in the workplace?

This website contains details of my academic research activities. For my musings on decision-making, statistics, and occasionally sports, see my Twitter.

Contact: asher dot lawson at duke dot edu // Twitter // LinkedIn // Scholars @ Duke